Children, Young Men, Fathers, Everybody! | Fr Barnabas Powell

Fr Barnabas Powell is the priest of Sts Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Greek Orthodox Church in Cumming, Georgia. Our Lesson today in 1 John 2:7-17
5 mins 18 secs


In this sermon, St. John is writing to his faithful as their bishop and he knows he is communicating to people who are in various stages of growing up. He tells his faithful that, now that the light has come, we are no longer free to pretend we don’t see! And our willingness to admit the light now shines is tied forever to how we treat each other! If someone claims to have “seen the light” but hates his brother is still actually gripped by darkness because when you see the light you don’t stumble anymore!

Fr Barnabas offers a short daily reflection in his ministry. For more from Fr Barnabas, use this link to visit his blog: